Tim Powers Voice Actor

tim@voiceofpowers.com    818-917-5196


Game Demo

Demo Category: Animation; Anime; Video Games

Commercial Demo

Demo Category: Business Narration - Corporate, General, Industrial; Commercial - SAG/AFTRA - Radio, Radio - Residual, TV, TV - Residual; Commercials - General, Pre-roll, Radio, TV, Web; Podcast; Political Spots


Voice actor Tim Powers is a Samurai, a tough guy, a doctor, a superhero, a secret agent, a crook, a football coach, a soldier, a platoon leader, a scientist, a cowboy, a lunatic and a father.

But he’s also known as the "friendly" voice of that trusted neighbor across the street that gives you good advice.

With years of experience in improvisation, and training from some of LA’s top talent, Tim is ready to give you that one-of-a-kind voice you need.

Experience in ADR, Anime, Games, Commercials, Podcasts, Imaging, Radio, Live Announcing, Hosting, and Interactive Media.  



Source Connect Standard

ISDN Available


Phone:  818-917-5196

Email:  tim@voiceofpowers.com




Young Adult Adult Senior

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