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Robin Grimm - Commercial Demo

Demo Category: Commercials - General, Jingle, Pre-roll, Radio, TV, Web; Other; Promo - Network, Radio, Syndication, TV; Radio - General, Imaging; Scratch/Pitch Work

Robin Grimm - Narration Demo

Demo Category: Audiobook - General, PFH (Per Finished Hour), Proofing, Royalty Share, Royalty Share Plus; Business Narration - Corporate, General, Industrial; E-Learning; Explainer Videos - General, Mobile Apps, Websites; Medical Narration; Non-profit/PSA; Other; Podcast; Promo - Network, Radio, Syndication, TV; Radio - General, Imaging; Scratch/Pitch Work; Telephony - General, IVR, On Hold, VoiceMail; Television Narration - Docu-drama, Documentary, General, In-Show, Infomercial; Toys; Trailer


Warm, elegant, sophisticated, comforting and professional. Those are just a few words that describe Robin Grimm's rich vocal tones. From commercials and audiobooks to e-learning modules and more, Robin's vocals will deliver the messages you want to convey and hit home with your target audience.

With over a decade of experience in radio and television news, as well as career experience in law enforcement and the insurance industry, Robin brings a variety of skills and human insight to the table. 

"When I was a kid, I'd leave the room during TV programs and come running back in to sing and recite commercial jingles. I also gave school book reports "in character" as Dracula, W.C. Fields and others. Yeah, I was that kind of nerdy cool. Little did I know it would all eventually lead me into broadcasting and eventually cycle into a passion for voice acting! I love giving voice to the creativity of others. It's like food for my soul."

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