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Robin Grimm - Commercial Demo

Demo Category: Commercials - General, Jingle, Pre-roll, Radio, TV, Web; Other; Promo - Network, Radio, Syndication, TV; Radio - General, Imaging; Scratch/Pitch Work

Robin Grimm - Narration Demo

Demo Category: Audiobook - General, PFH (Per Finished Hour), Proofing, Royalty Share, Royalty Share Plus; Business Narration - Corporate, General, Industrial; E-Learning; Explainer Videos - General, Mobile Apps, Websites; Medical Narration; Non-profit/PSA; Other; Podcast; Promo - Network, Radio, Syndication, TV; Radio - General, Imaging; Scratch/Pitch Work; Telephony - General, IVR, On Hold, VoiceMail; Television Narration - Docu-drama, Documentary, General, In-Show, Infomercial; Toys; Trailer


Believable, elegant, sophisticated, comforting and professional. Those are just a few words that describe my rich vocal tones. From commercials and audiobooks to e-learning modules and more, my vocals will deliver the messages you want to convey and hit home with your target audience. Whether you're looking for someone genuine, confident and trustworthy or smooth, calming to downright sultry, my voice is a great match, no matter the project.

With over a decade of experience in radio and television news, as well as career experience in law enforcement and the insurance industry, I bring a variety of skills and human insight to the table. 

When I was a kid, I'd leave the room during TV programs and come running back in to sing and recite commercial jingles. I also gave school book reports "in character" as Dracula, W.C. Fields and others. Little did I know it would all eventually lead me into broadcasting and eventually cycle into a passion for voice acting! I love giving voice to the creativity of others. It's like food for my soul.

To hire me, contact me by e-mail at I look forward to hearing from you!


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Professional home studio with Shure SM7B mic.

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