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Meet Patty Palmer, Voice Talent/Narrator

🎓 Patty's experience as a Registered nurse, coupled with her background in education, positions her as a skilled facilitator of learning, capable of conveying complex concepts with clarity and empathy, enriching the educational experience for her audience.

🚛 Before her nursing career, Patty drove an 18-wheeler truck, refining her commanding presence and distinctive voice. Listening for hours to narrated books as she drove has added depth and connection to her voiceover work.

🎙️ Patty's voiceover approach transcends mere reading; she infuses life into scripts, making the message her mission and forging a profound connection with the audience, ensuring an engaging and impactful delivery.

💼  Patty's entrepreneurial ventures across different industries have equipped her with adaptability, creativity, and strong business acumen, evident in her ability to deliver diverse tones for various projects, ranging from educational presentations to promotional radio.

📖 With Patty Palmer, storytelling transforms into an unforgettable experience as she partners with clients to breathe life into narratives, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

"Captivate your audience with a voice that breathes life into your words and enchants listeners while taking them on extraordinary journeys."



Delivery Method

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Studio Information

Home Studio

Condenser Mic: AT2020

DAW: Adobe Audition

Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo 


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