Short & Sound: Voice Over by Julie    435-218-9172



Demo Category: Commercials - General, Pre-roll, Radio, Web


Demo Category: Business Narration - Corporate, General, Industrial


As a kid, I lost myself in the world of television and movies.  It was a place to escape from my world of kidney dialysis. All these years later I am pursuing my dream.  Short & Sound came about because, well, I'm short; and, voice is sound and sound is a synonym for strong. I had to learn to be strong to thrive with kidney failure all these years.  

I have been an advocate for dialysis patients for quite a few years. I continue to fight for patients who can't, or don't know they can, fight for themselves.  I have been using my voice for years to convey important messages across the country. 

I was a theater major in college, where I studied the Stanislavski approach to acting.  I learned techniques to breakdown a script and find a path for a character. I performed in multiple c...


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